Here at Loma Alta Baptist Church, we love to share our passion for God’s Glory. We offer a unique bilingual environment in both our church communities. Our goal is to equip and disciple for the furthering of God’s Kingdom, therefore we offer a hybrid English Fellowship Service/Church Plant, through Cornerstone Baptist Church. Cornerstone Fellowship gives us a church environment with a future possibility to plant a biblical church that will act as a place of worship and equipping for the saints, "So that they might fulfill the work of the ministry" (Eph. 4:11-17). The spiritual environment is scarcity of healthy local assemblies. Church planting, “Is a term referring to the process that results in a new local Christian congregation being established. For a local church to be planted, it must eventually have a separate life of its own and be able to function without its parent body, even if it continues to stay in relationship denominationally or through being part of a network.” The Model or method we have envisioned in this hybrid where an existing church, Loma Alta Baptist church, “the mother church,” provide the initial leadership, money, and personnel to start the new church. In this way following the New Testament Church organization of evangelism, the discipleship of new believers, and the cultivating and training of church leaders. This hybrid would allow the Loma Alta’s English Service the opportunity to grow into a full blown church plant for the community in the future. After many years of prayer, the leadership felt we should do something about our unique Spanish Church culture and bilingual environment. Not just provide a much needed english worship service but a fellowship where we have small groups and discipleship. We wanted to build an environment where there would be unity with the Spanish speaking congregation, where many of the same family members could be in a bilingual culture with healthy English biblical preaching. We wanted to also have the potential to impact our bicultural English Speakers with the possibility to plant a biblical english church in the community. We are excited to meet the spiritual needs of an ever-changing culture. We hope you find your church home here with us.







Due to the cultural diversity that exists in our community, our services are in Spanish

and certain Classes and Bible Studies are bilingual (English and Spanish).







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