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Sep 18, 2017
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Mother's Day Special Service

May 8, 2016
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Summer Semester

May 2, 2016
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The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross

Mar 26, 2016
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Youth Group Lock-In

Mar 15, 2016
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Valentine's Dinner

Feb 13, 2016
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Follow-up on Deacon Ordination

Jose Nava, Cornelio and Alma Cepeda

On January 22, 2016 we had the honor of ordaining Cornelio Cepeda as our new church deacon. The ceremony consisted of an exposition on the ministry of a deacon according to the Bible. Pastor Nava said, "I hope we can continue to raise up deacons, elders, and missionaries and as a church we can equip our brethren for these ministries."  We have been blessed to see the congregation grow and believe that with this office, the needs of the church can continue to be met.


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  • Jose Nava (Saturday, January 23 16 12:33 pm EST)

    Great piece.

    What an encouragement to the church body and to the pursue of furthering God's kingdom!
    All Glory to God!!

Amazing Grace Mission

Shane Mayberry, Jose A. Nava

On January 10, 2016, we had the honor of having Shane Mayberry visit from Parkview Baptist Church in Waco, TX. In association with Amazing Grace Mission Organization stationed at Dayton, TN, Shane and his team have traveled throughout the state of Texas alongside carnivals to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with guests and carnival employees.


“Carnivals are always traveling and cannot always congregate like most of us do. Therefore through Amazing Grace Mission, it is our goal to minister to individuals in the carnival business,” mentioned Mr. Mayberry. In addition, to ministering to the carnival staff, the organization sets up tents in carnivals where people can come in and participate in an activity that will illustrate and make way to share with them the gospel. Inside the tent are also counselors equipped with the Bible to guide and answer any questions people may have.

At Loma Alta Baptist Church, it is our vision to be a mission minded church that equips and supports missionaries who are fulfilling the great commission. During a question and answer session, Mr. Mayberry shared his plans to come to Laredo, TX in the future and set up a booth at the Washington Birthday Celebration which takes place every year in our city. We look forward to working with Amazing Grace Missions to share the gospel with our community in this event where hundreds of people gather, many of whom have not heard the message.

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  • Jose Nava (Thursday, January 14 16 10:12 am EST)

    Great ministry look forward to working with Amazing Grace in the future.

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Deacon Ordination

Cornelio and Alma Cepeda

Meet Cornelio and Alma Cepeda. This loving couple have been members of Loma Alta Baptist Church for 3 years and have faithfully served in our teaching, children’s, youth, and worship ministry.


On December 26,2015 Cornelio was interviewed to inquire of his theological standings and personal life. After careful consideration, he has been nominated to become our next deacon as described on 1 Tim. 3:8-13. 


Ordination service will take place on Friday, January 22, 2016. Further details will be provided at a later time.

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  • Al (Monday, December 28 15 06:11 pm EST)

    Congratulations! Your family has been a great blessing.

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"The True Christmas Story" Musical

"The True Christmas Story" Cast

The audience in the room was taken to that dark glorious night when the angels praised and shepherds sought the new born King. On December 23, 2015 the children and youth of Loma Alta Baptist Church presented a musical narrative of Jesus’ birth.


The audience enjoyed some of the most beloved Christmas carols and saw how each song shares the story of the birth of Christ. One guest said, “I was impressed by the enthusiasm the children showed when singing each one of the songs. The play was beautiful.” The children and the youth are excited about their most recent performance and look forward to other opportunities to participate.


Among the audience were guests of the community who were invited by the members of the church. Thanks to the hard work of the directors and cast involved, we had the opportunity to share the life of Christ and his gospel. Throughout 2016 we hope to seek more opportunities inviting our neighbors to our events. It is our vision to share with the community the love and forgiveness we find in Jesus. 

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